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Bright blue skinny jeans can’t get you out of everything. Especially when your arch nemesis dumps barbeque sauce on them and then acts like a homophobe even though he really isn't....

Title : just because
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  • Camille
    2019-05-03 09:44

    DNF @20%I dunno, this just isn't gripping me at all. That's all I can say. The Band Geek's Dictionary went the same route. Neither terrible per se, just too many mistakes, too much trivial stuff, too little maturity and esteem, too emo, too much planted dialogue/info dumps, toooo long and in serious need of editing, and just not interesting enough personally. Plus, I find it hard to get a character liking another who beats up on him. I can't see taking a punch and in the next instance thinking, oooh you're sexy. Just not for me.

  • karlakolumna
    2019-05-02 04:29

    I've read 40% so far:I don't really seem to be able to warm up to Parker (the main 1st-person narrator). He's whiny and bitchy most of the time.And, really, if he wasn't called "Parker" and if the book didn't specifically claim that he is supposed to be an individual of the male gender, I would put my shirt on him being a very immature little teenage girl...And all these Ewww's, Aww's, Yuck's, Ugh's, Pfft's, Psh's, Ow's, Whoa's, Eek's, Heh's and the whole whining really are annoying.Hopefully, Parker will change (for the better) soon.But I like Alex (okay, he's deeply in the closet and he's leading on girls, but I can forgive him that--provided that he'll grow up and get more confident of himself in the course of the book, which I'm sure he will (HEA and all).Beside that, there was one part--well, phrasing--that kind of bothered me:More than just once a gay relationship is pictured as if one of the two GUYS needs to be the girl, while the other takes the part of the guy.Probably just unlucky wording, but could be misconcieved as offending...Well, enough. I'm going to continue reading the book now.****Update:Now that Parker and Alex are a couple it is more fun to read.. I'm still no particular fan of Parker, though. He really is rather annoying and very immature. I don't like him all that much.So, it's an OK read, but it isn't really gripping, well, I'm not that caught up in this book. In places it gets really boring and dull and I rather had to force myself to continue reading..There isn't just any real drama, or angst, or something that would capture your interest, well, my interest, at least. I mean, It's sweet and even funny at times, and Alex's and Parker's relationship gets a bit rough sometimes (problems are being solved very quickly and unspectacularly, though), but it's just all too smooth and sweet for my liking.I've read 88% now, but I'm not sure if I really want to finish this read.I've got some other books waiting, ones I really, really want to read, so I'll just skim through the last 12%.

  • YullSanna
    2019-05-03 03:27

    3,25 И еще один подростковый гигант на 154 тысячи слов. Читала сразу за предыдущей книгой Underlying, поэтому сравнивала, че уж. Лучше, но до идеала далеко. Прочла до конца, а теперь немножко деталей. В этой работе один огромный плюс - главный герой Паркер. Он... потрясающий! Живой, дерзкий, страдающий гипертрофированной уверенностью в себе и одновременно с этим низкой самооценкой. Яркий, эмо мальчик с интересным характером и увлекательной манерой мышления. Люблю таких до безумия! Одно маленькое но в том, что он... ну как бы это сказать, уж очень девочка местами. Например, в одной из первых эротических сцен он повествует о том, что Алекс опустился между его ног и прикоснулся пальцами ТАМ! В смысле, прямо ТАМ! ИИиууу *рука-лицо* Что это за гей такой вообще? Причем он-то вне клозета на все 100! Эдакий уверенный в своей сексуальности мальчик, ага. Надо ли говорить о том, что он серьезно сомневается брать или не брать в рот, а потом, соответственно, глотать или нет, ведь это ж бееее какая мерзость. Как-то это не очень по-гейски. Алекс - герой не состоятельный и непоследовательный на мой субъективный взгляд. Больше про него мне нечего сказать. К плюсам прибавлю то, что герои не влюбляются друг в друга прям с первого взгляда. Более того, они оба уже имеют привязанности к другим, которые интересно разворачиваются автором в книге. Ангста почти нет, а там, где он надувается, автор тут же лопает пузырь, вот прям в следующей же главе, чтоб читатель на страдал долго. Неплохая книга, если нужно совсем выключить мозг. И еще! Не читайте бога ради комментарии автора к главам, очень сбивает то, как автор иронизирует над героями и выливает тонну ненужной личной информации о себе. Лучше сразу к следующей главе.

  • LutaWolf
    2019-05-16 08:47

    I'm still working on the story. At chapter y right now and I have to say that I'm seriously hating Alex with a passion and can not imagine him being able to redeem himself to were I will like him. And how in the hell does Daniels think Alex is cute, do you really think an abusive asshole is cute???? I'm pushing through though, I will finish and come back with a more thought out review.Okay so I've finished the book now and I liked it. I liked how the kids in a lot of ways acted like actual high schoolers. I liked the details in the book. I even felt that every single character was in-depth. I still hate Alex though. Maybe a little less by the end but yeah I hate him. Okay so he has some redeeming qualities to the point I felt like there was two of him. Oh and I hate hate freaking hate how Daniels hates how he was treated by Cam but it's totally okay for Alex to treat girls the same way???? However I got the concept and thought it was pretty good.

  • Nik
    2019-05-16 08:22

    I can't believe this was free?! So for the first 1/3 of this book, I wanted to junk punch Alex but, he charmed his way into my heart...and Parker's pants so I suppose all was forgiven.This was not a simple coming out story for Alex or a story about Parker learning to love himself but a also the dynamics of balancing friends, family, school, new love, old loves....there was alot in this book. *loves*Overall, a really sweet YA book, with a bit of angst thrown in there.

  • LenaLena
    2019-05-01 02:49

    So far, the best of the teen-high-school-drama-coming-out books I've read. Cute and a decent dramatic arc for the most part and even the editing is better than most free reads. Some eye roll moments of course. American teens and alcohol baffle the European in me, still. My jaded 40+ year old self thinks no 18 year old has any business planning their HEA forevah. And having a needy partner is not that healthy in the long run, kids. Grandma will shut up now.

  • SueM
    2019-04-24 04:47

    A pretty good Cinderella-type story of two high school enemies finding they have more in common than either ever realized. Forced to work together for a lit assignment, they slowly become friends before finally becoming a couple. The pacing is a bit uneven in places, and while some sections didn't quite work for me, I enjoyed the story on the whole.

  • Amy
    2019-05-14 01:39

    This was such a sweet story. I really wish that the author would continue writing this story through the boy's college years and life after college b/c I love Parker and Alex together, they are just too cute to end.

  • Mandapanda
    2019-04-27 09:31

    3.5 stars. A couple of WTF moments spoiled this otherwise enjoyable young love romance. The guys in this story definitely act their age!

  • Fehu
    2019-05-05 03:46

    Rating: ★★★★★ 4,5I admit this rating is also so high because it's a free ebook, still it wasn't badly edited, just lagged on a certain part.Parker is always harassed in school by an upper classmate, Alex, who has the looks, the money and the popularity of a typical star athlete but also who is also intellegent. So why would someone like that spend so much time mobbing a gay nobody?Alex seems ok, with the other gay guys it's just Parker that he seemes to dislike or does he?The story is interesting and cute, you get somewhat attached to the characters. But sometimes you want to kick Alex for acting totaly irationally. I disliked Cam somewhat, he was Parkers ex and well I don't know how you can stay friends with someone, who dumped you, cheated on you and more or less used you to make the person he liked jeaulous.Plus point it's not instant love!!!

  • Jaime
    2019-04-27 04:41

    This was just the cutest story ever, and it was free!!

  • Anna.E
    2019-05-13 03:50

    I was realy put off by the authors notes. I liked the story, but it was a bit like a 13 yr old girl, not a 17 yr old boy.

  • Kim
    2019-05-07 03:24

    DNF AT 35%It felt like reading a Sweet Valley Kids book, which means that I might've liked it when I've read this when I was 12 or 13 and didn't know any better then, but I am old enough to know that this book has many issues that weren't handled well so I can't stomach reading this anymore:1) On homophobia and bullying - I like stories wherein both hate each other at first and there's a load of witty, snarky banter which leads to cute and sweet moments where they realize that they're attracted to each other (this is why I read Derek/Stiles, Arthur/Eames, Rukawa/Hanamichi, Arthur/Merlin, Harry/Draco fanfiction, and Know Not Why really hit all my fangirl/shipper buttons). I am all for heated words and exchanges, I can also get on with hate sex (if it's well-written) but I have to know that the MCs are on all equal footing, and I need to know that both of the MCs will grow up and won't take each other's BS no matter how much they love each other. The premise of this story made me curious: Guy A is being bullied by Guy B (who is NOT homophobic as the author kept trying to emphasize) for some reason other than Guy A being gay, both became friends and got to know each other after working together, became lovers and have their HEA, etc. I would be so on it like white on rice but I can't even muster the energy to finish the thing. I kept reading after so many taunts that still sound homophobic (calling someone a fag and then hitting him, making gay-sex jokes makes you a homophobe, imo) because a) I thought there's definitely a good reason for this, b) Parker would call Alex out on his bullshit and c) Alex will definitely grovel a lot before Parker can forgive him but after going on, I felt really, really off. I did find out that the reason behind bullying was transference because Alex has tons of issues re: family but I can't seem to find it in me to forgive him even if it seems like Parker did it easily since Alex is so hot. I just...ugh. It all seems so shallow to me. Despite being 18 and despite the challenges that they're facing, they still seem so immature and I can't imagine them having an equal relationship.2) Rape jokes and slut-shaming - First of all, rape jokes are never funny, and when it's being depicted that something's being done without your full consent, the writer must tread lightly or at least let the attacker face the repercussions of their actions, and/or learn something from it, IMHO.Second, I cringed and had enough when I read this: "I just don't want to be a slut." I have read YA books wherein het people think being gay means you sleep around with every gay you meet but it wasn't given that much attention/or that way of thinking wasn't corrected. I kinda am frustrated with the thought that being sexually-active automatically means that you're a slut hence people are ashamed of themselves because of it. I like my charas to be proud of whom they're with and would happily live in the knowledge that they can be who they want as long as they're not hurting anybody. Which brings me to:3) Cheating - I've read a review mentioning that both boys seem to cheat on each other though it was done "accidentally" and both forgave each other. I was able to read the part where Alex kissed another guy when drunk but wasn't able to see the aftermath, and the part where Parker kissed his ex because apparently he still has some feelings left for him, and it was that they both act on it since apparently the ex cheated on him when they were together back then anyway. And that totally irked me, and pushed me to not finishing this book in the nearest future.I know that I am a bit overreacting about this since this isn't a published work and it's meant to be a light read with lots of humor, and the ending must've been worth it since lots of people liked it, and please know I really tried to keep going on but I just can't. I am so disappointed and disheartened and dissatisfied that I turned to my comfort food and fic.

  • Aera
    2019-05-18 06:43

    An entertaining piece of fluff about two high school boys who fall in love. It's not love at first sight but it's entertainingly sweet. I personally felt weirded out by Parker's personality. His extreme immature nature had me having problems in being able to imagine him having sex. Even when I was in high school I am pretty sure I have never been so weirdly hormonal. His narration was pretty similar to Cameron's from the author's previous story. Which had no sex in it, which made it more believable in some respects. Alex seemed to be more of a fleshed out character. Although I have to laugh a bit at that, since more of the chapters are from Parker's perspective. I felt that psychologically speaking shouldn't Parker had to have gone through more hoops in his head to reconcile the fact this kid use to bully him. Or at least it should have been explained with semi-masochistic personality traits. But, the general feeling was just he was raging horny and Alex is hot, and he wanted to get over Cam. So the obvious solution was to start liking his previous bully. Hmmm also I think the fact his dad was abusive and Alex was previous abusive could have been touched on...just saying daddy issues is not sufficient. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was not a page turner, no real cliffhangers, and no extreme desire to see what happens next. It was cute. It was fluff, although alot of ideas were introduced that could have made this angst, which in my opinion could have made it better. But, guess cute is what this story is going for.

  • Unknown Critique
    2019-05-15 03:43

    I greatly enjoyed this, slightly more so than TBGD.Ryette has a cute style of writing in which she clearly portrays the quirks and personalities of each character: Alex has a fragile yet assuring POV, and Parker has a more timid, somewhat fabulous and outright way to express himself.I love the characterization, though, and the overall pairing of Parker/Alex. Admittedly, I saw signs of it in The Band Geek Dictionary, but I also enjoyed Cam with Parker. It was VERY interesting to see Cam, Parker, Travis, and Alex interact with one another as a group and even mixes (such as Travis and Parker--I had no idea Travis was such a JERK to Parker!) like Alex and Cam. I was fascinated by the way Cam and Travis, portrayed as infinitely lovable characters, were played out in Just Because to not truly be as "awesome" and "perfect" as one thought. I overall loved this, and I've read it several times in a few years. I think TBGD is overall just a great series, especially if someone is new to the whole "smut" concept in this category--it's slightly milder than most I've read.

  • Katie
    2019-05-13 01:26

    Love love LOOOOOOOVE this story. I read some of her other work : Cam's story, and the continuation Duets. I absolutely want to squish Alex because he loves Parker so much :D Parker is like sunshine and... other adorable things. Even when he's emo emo. This story is really cute, incredibly hot, unbelievably funny, and should definitely be published. The pacing was great and the authors notes were quirky. You get to see the gang from The Band Geek's Dictionary again (or for the first time if you read it out of order like I did, lol) I'm super hoping Ryette ends up finishing the "sequal" for Alex and Parker because I can't get enough of them. I'm going to reread this soon.I'd recommend this, but it isn't going to be for everybody. I love long stories and can overlook a lot if the overall tone of the piece is something I'm looking for. It was my cup of tea :)

  • Kym
    2019-04-24 05:50

    This has got to be one of my favorite free-reads! I love Parker and Alex...even thought I wanted to smack Alex in the first few chapters! I assume that, based on the author's notes at the end of each chapter, that Ryette is youngish...high school, maybe, when this was written. What absolute talent!High school twink meets high school "bully"....relationship that follows is full of ups and downs. Then...these two finally, FINALLY, get it right! Even when both are dealing with homophobic parents (Alex's mom basically disowns him while Parker's dad is an abusive dick), this couple shows more maturity (mixed with fun and, yes, moments of complete childishness) than many couples my age!This was a fun read and I was so HAPPY to see that Ryette is planning a sequel. I'll be looking for it!

  • Little Butterfly
    2019-05-04 01:23

    An easy read that entertained me well. It's a highschool story about young love and the conflicts around being gay (especially coming out at school and the pain of not being accepted by one parent).The emo kid MC was a good character, though hysterical at times. It was different for me to read a m/m story in which one is the girl in the relationship (Parker could not have been more girlish). I'm not that much into effeminate characters, but here it fitted well. Really weird was Parker's sister, I couldn't believe she was nine, she behaved more like five.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-12 03:40

    I am obviously on the other end of the spectrum on this one, but I really didn't like it. Alex was an awful character and I never clicked with Parker. I spent most of the book slamming my face onto hard surfaces. I shelved this on my 'cheating bastards' shelf (view spoiler)[because although they don't sleep with anyone else, both main characters make out with other people after claiming they are boyfriends. The Alex even uses being drunk as his excuse and Parker find this o.k., cause ya know, he was drunk and couldn't help it.(hide spoiler)] But hey, it's free so maybe check it out.

  • Carol
    2019-05-15 06:47

    2,5this free fic begins with two really interesting three-dimensional teenagers and a very slow and complex growth of their relationship. However, at some point, it turns into a boring stereotypical romance and I lost interest. And even if I like insecure characters in general, Parker was a little bit too much in the second half. Similarly, Alex was suddenly this dreamy, perfect guy, I could not recognize anymore.

  • TayaJay
    2019-05-20 08:49

    If you are really not into YA then this is so not the book for you. I mean they through around the word "rape" like it a catchphrase. This was a actually a quick read and love it. It was a free online from unpublished author as far as I know and it shows but doesn't really take me out of the story. This was things that didn't gel right to me like characters reactions to certain things. Overall I love the story of Parker and Alex and wish for the author to find decent editor and publish it.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-05-17 04:46

    I've actually read this before, but it drove me insane that I couldn't remember the end so I read it again. Gave up at chapter 31, but I'm so rating it. Reading the same thing twice...Jeez... Not a bad story, just a bit strange at certain points and it waters down toward the end. Can't imagine being that age again.

  • Sannah
    2019-04-22 05:41

    I've seen the gay-basher/closeted thing done better and Alex pressuring first some random girl and then Parker for sex at the party creeped me out. But somehow the characters were very endearing, other than that. It was a bit weird how easily Alex's past cruelty and creepiness was pushed aside.

  • Cassie
    2019-05-20 05:22

    Better than the first book in the series, although there are some inconsistencies with the first book, such as where they are going on spring break, what the one MC did at a party, etc. It was an interesting and fun read, I enjoyed it despite not normally loving books about high school students.

  • DayDreamer
    2019-04-21 05:39

    (view spoiler)[Hi, virginity. Meet Alex. Aw, virginity. Going so soon? Yeah, I guess I understand. I've heard that Alex and virginities don't mingle very well. He likes to kill them off.Sorry, virginity. (hide spoiler)]

  • Brainorgan
    2019-05-13 06:48

    Really 1 1/2 stars. I read 22 out of 35 chapters, and then it was too much high school for me, characters not consistently written. I liked the premise, Alex really likes Parker but he is in the closet, so he beats him up instead, and you don't have to wait too long for them to get together.

  • Jen Wilson
    2019-05-15 06:31

    Great Book.

  • Dena
    2019-05-12 02:44

    cute story--Parker was adorable! I was not happy with Alex--he really needed to grovel because the situations were NOT the same. enjoyed!