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Privilege, poverty, death, and self-loathing; these are the backgrounds of the men of the internationally famous rock band, Sphere of Irony.Adam Reynolds is an impoverished teen raised by neglectful parents in one of London’s most dangerous boroughs. He turns to his love of music and countless girls to escape his sad reality.Beautiful and naïve Ellie Palmer comes from a wePrivilege, poverty, death, and self-loathing; these are the backgrounds of the men of the internationally famous rock band, Sphere of Irony.Adam Reynolds is an impoverished teen raised by neglectful parents in one of London’s most dangerous boroughs. He turns to his love of music and countless girls to escape his sad reality.Beautiful and naïve Ellie Palmer comes from a well-off family that suddenly finds themselves living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in London. Alone in a frightening new place, Ellie is afraid to leave the safety of her home, only going out to walk to school and back.When Adam prevents Ellie from becoming the victim of a horrific sexual assault, they discover something that two teenagers never thought they would find in such a depressing place. Each other.After tragedy, lies, and distance tear their future away from them; they each wander through life empty and hopeless no matter who or what they use to replace the feelings of loss.From the crime-ridden streets of London’s East End to the over-the-top display of wealth in L.A. Can two broken souls conquer their demons in order to find true happiness?This is book 1 in a 4 part series. It is a spin-off of the Famous Series. These can be read as standalones....

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  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-05-19 06:49

    Out of the parkI wasn't sure how Heather Leigh was going to make me like Adam. Giving some of the things he'd done in the Famous series, I had my doubts. But Heather Leigh took a somewhat questionable character and made me love him. Made me understand some of his really poor choice. And made me hope that he could find a way to hold onto his HEA.ADAM was absolutely fabulous. As with any other Leigh book, it's full of emotion and angst, with a storyline that makes the book hard to put down. This is definitely one to pick up!

  • Coco.V
    2019-04-24 09:24

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  • Bloggers From Down Under
    2019-05-13 03:27

    **arc received for honest review**How do you go from living in a nice house, beautiful area, great school to all of a sudden losing what you had after your dad loses his job, moving into a dangerous horrible area, new school, no friends and start again? This is what Ellie had to do when things got bad. Her parents found new jobs and were just making it work so that’s what Ellie did to, try to make it work.How do you ever become something from the child hood you have? A brother that is one of the biggest drug dealers in town and doesn’t give a shit about you. A mother that is a crack whore, a father that shows up every now and again to beat you to a pulp along with your mother and then takes off again. This is what Adam’s life is like.Until Ellie and Adams world collide in a bad way.Adam saves Ellie along with his best mate Dax from being attacked by the notorious Callum.Adam follows Ellie home for weeks just to make sure she gets there safely until he comes up with a plan to make sure Ellie is safe, little does he realize he puts his own life on the line. He doesn’t care, there is something about Ellie that his hooked on even though it’s not his style, Liam Isn’t a 1 women man his a player and never sleeps with the same girls twice.Ellie and Adam fall hard for each other they love hanging out together and they make plans to move to LA for Adam’s music career and for Ellie to start collage. Adam leaves and Ellie is to follow 6 weeks later but never does…… Ellie’s dad gets killed suddenly and Ellie can’t leave her mum so she lets Adam go she lets the one person she truly loves go, he soul mate her best friend cause she knows he would come back if she told him the truth.Adam is heartbroken he can’t work out what happened he loves Ellie.Adam turns to alcohol and sex, everyone he sleeps with he thinks its Ellie that’s how he deals.Ellie focuses on her career and finishing school to become a nurse she is floating through life and her engagement until she makes her trip to the US to see Adam.Can true love bring them together?Is Adam too far gone?We love love loved this book we love Ellie and Adams story it sort of reminded us of the sliding doors movie you know where if you just had of done 1 thing different your whole outcome on life would have changed instead of the road you actually took??? Thank you so much Heather for taking us yet again on a beautiful journey, it goes to show no matter where your from what you have you can always concur ur dreams!!

  • Diane Lynch
    2019-04-30 04:24

    Ellie Palmer transfers to a new school in a dangerous neighborhood of London. She is attacked and rescued by classmate Adam Reynolds. Ellie and Adam form an intense bond and love for one another. Unfortunately, fate has other plans and numerous obstacles for the two of them to endure.Incite is a captivating story that pulled at my heart strings.Ellie is a sweet heroine. She has wonderful parents. When she lets people in, they instantly like her. She is selfless and easy to love. She is a good person that has a lot of bad luck and puts others before herself.My heart went out to Adam. He is a fantastic hero who has had a rough life. Fortunately, he has good friends in his band mates, specifically Dax. I like that he wants to be a better person then his family members, especially his father. However, he is human and has numerous struggles that make his character believable and likeable.Adam and Ellie never seem to get a break, and my heart utterly went out to them. This heartwarming story is incredibly well-written and thought provoking. I just love Adam and Ellie together, and it killed me when they are apart.This is the first book I have read be Heather Leigh, and I am so glad that I read it! She has a wonderful writing style that had me completely engaged. I could not put Incite down. I will definitely want to continue reading this series.Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝
    2019-04-20 02:28

    This timeline, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! Seriously it was fucking horrible. Really there is no rhyme or reason for the jumping around. It's all over the damn place, present, someone else's present, to someone else's past, to a different characters future, back to someone you know nothing about past, to go a step ahead, to jump 37 steps backwards, are you following this?!?!? If not join the damn club, cause that exactly what it felt like reading this. You'll feel like you completely missed something, only to get a back memory a few chapters later. Really, no fucking clue as to why it was wrote like this. I'm pretty sure I liked this story, although seriously just how many missed chances can you put in one book before the reader is feed up?!?!? I really hope book 2 is not like this, because seriously knowing the character and how that didn't happen in book 1, who knows when it will happen. Hell book 1 was spread out over close to 15 years.

  • Michal Inbar
    2019-05-15 05:39

    9.6.15This is the second time that I've read INCITE and it's still four stars. wonderful reading, great story line, great H&h, and excellent DRAMA!Why four stars?Because of the damned hero! ADAMMMMMMM get a f****ing private investigator For the love of god. Your filthy rich, why does it takes you millennium to reach your woman?? How many years you're going to mope around until you understand you can, easily, hire a private investigator and find her?!?!f*****ing foreverrrrr.

  • Joan
    2019-05-06 02:41

    Adam and Ellie were adorable together. It was painful to see them apart and all the circumstances that kept them apart. I was engrossed in the story. After all they went through I needed them to get their HEA. The only aspect I didn't like was the amount of time they were apart.

  • Tiffany Readz
    2019-05-04 01:28

    Epic Romance!!!In this first book in the Sphere of Irony series we follow Adam and Ellie's epic romance. The story spans years and Heather Leigh does a great job with the alternating POV chapters and flashbacks to fill in the blanks. Smooth transitions are a big help when a story spans as many years as this one does.Ellie is a rich girl gone poor. Her father lost his job and had to move his family in to a lower income section of London. Out of her element, Ellie has been sheltered in her "good life" and arrives a bit naive to her new surroundings and trusts the wrong person pretty quickly. Adam has lived his whole life in London's East End and knows the ropes. His parents are usually not around and when they are, Adam would rather be anywhere else. He uses his art and music to escape what is his life. While Adam attends school, he is hoping for bigger and better things with his music. Knowing his surroundings well, Adam knows Ellie is in over her head and decides to keep an eye on her.Let the tumultuous romance of a decade begin. There are so many things that happen to this couple, you just don't see how they are actually going to be together. I adored the love they kept for each other over the years as it was so genuine. Adam pined for Ellie in his music, while she always had him in her heart. With Adam being a song writer, he was a sensitive guy deep down and understood why Ellie did what she did in the beginning, saying this about it:"Ellie lied to me because she knew I would come home to be with her. She selflessly gave me up so I could have everything, when the truth is, now I have nothing".My heart broke for them page after page. Just when you think they were moving on-bam! Something happens and they cross paths yet again.The book is well written and Heather Leigh keeps it moving at a fast pace which I appreciate. It's a great start to the Sphere of Irony series. Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog

  • Lita Thomas
    2019-04-29 02:42

    Incite (Sphere of Irony, #1) by Heather C. Leigh is the first book in the series that introduces us to Adam Reynolds, Dax Davies, Ellie Palmer and her best friend Kate Campbell. Incite is Adam and El’s story. All four live in a drug and crime ridden neighborhood of London. Adam has a mother who is addicted to drugs, sells her body and gets beaten by her abusive drunk of a husband. Adam does what he can to survive a neglectful mother, a drug dealer brother and a physically abusive drunk father. His refuge is his best friend Dax and their love for music. Ellie finds herself living in a neighborhood so scary she only goes out to go to school. Her father lost his job and has had to move his family to the ghettoes. On the first day of school Ellie meet a brooding Adam who blows her off but really Adam is smitten with her. One day walking home from school Ellie is attacked and Adam and Dax come to the rescue. From that day on Adam and Ellie have a connection. Adam and Dax’s band get a brake and get discovered. They are off to the United States. Adam is off and want’s Ellie to go. Unfortunately life circumstances and problems cause issues for Adam and El. Incite is Adam and El’s story. The book covers several years. I really enjoyed their story with all their ups and downs. I give Incite 4 stars.

  • She Hearts Books
    2019-05-20 09:25

    Adam and Ellie have loved each other since they were children and Adam saved her from a vicious attack. They planned on going to America together so he could tour with his band and she would go to college there. Unfortunately while he has gone ahead of her, her father passes away and her mom is sick so she is unable to follow him. In order to let him go so he can follow his dream, she breaks it off with him and makes it hard for him to find her afterwards. Years later she goes after him only to find that he has moved on and not in a good way. He makes it clear in one moment that he hates her for everything and has moved on without her. She returns home and tries to move on as well. When they come face to face unexpectedly later, they also have to face the feelings that haven't gone away and decide if they can open their hearts to each other again. My heart broke for Ellie knowing everything that she went through - from the attempted attack to the one that actually happened later and the loss of her father. The fact that she dealt with all of it alone was heart wrenching. I wanted to kick Adam a time or two, but so wanted them to find their way back to each other. I loved their story and can't wait to read the next book in the series.I give Incite 5 hearts!

  • Alecs
    2019-05-15 06:34

    I knew it. Adam's own book would totally work. So much love for this sweet boy. I may actually like him more than Drew. I like that it started with the whole history of the band and the look into Adam's life before El. I also liked that it ended the way it ended. I'm such a sucker for those kinds of endings. I like that it's written in their POVs that the whole book is about them because some of the books I've read focus on other minor characters and it gets really annoying. I guess the lack of 1 star is for it being less detailed in some events. It might drag the story if it's overly done but I think it would like really make an impact and show the gravity of the situation. I might actually sympathize with El if it went that way. Overall it was pretty good and I can't wait to read on the rest of the band! :)

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-05-09 02:27

    ** JOSIE'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW ** Incite was such as amazing, strong and powerful book. One I that I found really enjoyable. This is Adam and Ellie’s story of love, fame, lies, misunderstandings and tragedy. The author wrote this storyline over a period of years and she did a great job with the giving us both Ellie and Adams POV’s. I really thought it was a brilliant touch with the added flashbacks. The author had me sold after reading the synopsis let me say after reading the first page I knew I was going to be getting so much more in this story then I expected. This is the kind of book that I like. This story was intriguing, the characters are memorable and believable.Ellie’s family was rich and had it all but after her father lost his job they were forced to move to the poorest and one of the worst sections of East End London. Elli spent the entire summer not leaving her family’s home until school started. She felts uncomfortable and alone. She meets Adam in her class and immediately became attracted to him. He’s this tall gorgeous, inky black hair and hazel eyed young man. Her pulse races from being around him but after the way he treated her and the rumors going around that he is never seen with the same girl twice, Ellie ends up trusting someone she shouldn’t. Things go terribly wrong at this point.Adam is a legend in his school. He’s has a hard life, his father is an alcoholic and neither his father nor mother is around. He spends his time creating art, singing and practicing with his band. The girls flock to Adam but he doesn’t do relationships. He’s a love em and leave em kind of guy. Never having the same girl twice. He immediately regrets his first interaction with Ellie. He is completely taking with her and her presence. He knows the area is dangerous and the one person she puts her trust in is dangerous. Adam has this sudden need to protect her.“Having Ellie near me is like the sweetest pleasure wrapped around the worst torture I can think of. Every thought I have consists of me touching her, kissing her, and God help me, having her naked beneath me.”“In the way F*** no, El. I want you there. If you weren’t with me, I’d be worried that you weren’t safe so it’s better this way.”“Ellie, stay near the stage, okay? I want… no I need to be able to see you.”“Okay, Adam. I’ll stand wherever you want.”Ellie and Adam’s relationship slowly develops over a period of time. The two get to know one another and discover a love that is powerful a true love. Adam knows that Ellie owns his heart and Ellie knows she will never love another man like she loves Adam. What I like most about their relationship is that it was not based on sex. They both wanted more and respected their relationship enough to want to wait. When they do finally take their relationship to the next level I could feel just how special that moment was for them. “Adam, its time, I want this. I want you.”“Shhh, sweetheart. Let me make you feel good. Let me show you how much you mean to me.”“I love you, El. I’d do anything for you.”“I love you too, Adam.” Just when things are going well between Ellie and Adam things turn bad. A family tragedy and a selfless love will pull these two apart. Adam leaves to go to the United States and becomes a rock star while Ellie stays home and tries to move on. Adam does not handle being away from Ellie very well. He hits alcohol and seeks comfort and release from different groupies. The anger, betrayal and hurt they experience over the years that follow I felt like there was no way they would find their way back. Despite the many issues that keep the two apart over the years their love for one another stays true, genuine and pure. When Adam and Ellie start to learn the many truths about what kept them apart they try everything to get back to each other and make things right.“You’re mine, Ellie. We belong together. I love you. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”“Of course it means something! Why do you think I came here today? It’s because I love you! I’ve only ever loved you!”You heart is going to get ripped open over and over again. Just when you think things are going to work out fate gets in the way again and tears them apart. I seriously was torn up about the entire situation. I didn’t think there was any hope for them. I would get so excited when things started looking up. I thought ok this is it, but then something else would happen to rip them apart again. I cursed Ms. Leigh. (YEP I DID). She really had me going through a roller coaster of emotions. Can Ellie and Adam find their way back to each other? Will fate and circumstances finally keep them apart forever? This is a series but each book is a stand-alone, so we will get an ending but is it the ending we all hope for? . I do not want to give too much away. There were many different misunderstandings and obstacles that kept the couple apart and you really need to grab this one and find out for yourselves.

  • Emma Allsop - Perusing Princesses
    2019-04-23 03:26

    4.5 Crowns Book 1 in the new Sphere of Irony series. This is lead singer Adam's story.Growing up in Hackney in London's East End isn't easy for anyone, but for Adam Reynolds it is particularly tough. Living in poverty due to his mother's serious drug addiction, he also has to deal with a mostly absent, abusive father who only shows his face when he wants to throw a few punches in both Adam's and his Mum's direction. With no support from his older drug dealing brother, he relies on his best friend Dax to keep him from drowning in the shit that is his life.Due to finish school after completing sixth form, he and Dax thrive on the attention that they are shown by the ladies and live to play their guitars. Ever the ladies man, he is renowned for never going back for seconds, but life is about to change for Adam and the implications of that will effect him for years to come.Ellie Palmer has grown up in the very affluent West London suburb of Shepard's Bush. Following the loss of her father's job, she finds herself living in Hackney. When she starts at a tough new school, she doesn't expect to meet a boy, she also doesn't expect that boy to then attempt to rape her. Luckily she is saved by a knight in shining armour, the local playboy and utterly drool worthy Adam. She soon finds herself sucked into his world and he becomes her safe place in the depth of the hell hole she is living in.So begins an epic love story of undying love, of the obstacles and swerve balls that life throws at us and of chasing happiness and fighting for love even is it feels lost.I really enjoyed this book. So many books we read are U.S based so straight away I loved the fact that this one is initially set over in Royal Britannia and in my opinion made it different before I'd even started.This read is very unique in that there are many elements to it. Set over a number of years, you feel the struggles of growing up in a tough part of London in even tougher circumstances. You then move onto L.A; fame, success and the trials that they can bring. There are dark elements as well as the glitterarty moments and Heather Leigh has tied it all up in a really good story. Adam and Ellie are extremely loveable and you will feel everyone of the highs they experience, as well as the many lows that they are forced to endure both together and apart. As for the other 3 members of Sphere of Irony, she has the perfect balance of introducing them enough that you look forward to their books but without detracting from the fact that this is Adam and Ellie's book. I often find too much band politics and not enough character development can take over these type of storylines, Heather really has pitched it perfectly.If I have to be picky then I have to admit that I felt a little confused with the timeline. Personally I would have preferred a header either with the month and year or a header to inform the reader that it was 3 years later. I found this to be a little muddy at times and I honestly think the story really would have benefited with clearer time lapses. On the flip side of that, I have to commend Heather on great research to ensure the language and terminology was fitting. She does warn the reader at the beginning that it isn't perfect, but I have to say it isn't far off. It feels very British and the places and people feel real - well done for the time you obviously spent and the care you took to get it right.All in all a very well thought out and really enjoyable read. Fast paced and with lots to keep the reader emotionally invested, I struggled to put it down. I look forward to reading Dax, Gavin and Hawke's book, all very different characters and all with a story to tell for sure.If you enjoy a rock star romance, but want a dark twist, this epic and enduring love story is a MUST READ!!

  • Liezel Felix
    2019-05-11 03:32

    This book has been on my TBR list forever and since the second book in the series was recently released I decided that it was high time to read this one to get a better grasp of the series. After finishing “Incite” early morning, not only do I want to read the other three books but I have this strong desire to read Heather Leigh’s “Famous” series as well. This is how strong of impression this story had on me.What I loved about it was that Adam and Ellie’s love story doesn’t just happen overnight rather it extends over a long period of time. It all begins when Ellie’s parents take a financial hit which leads Ellie transferring to a new school. Almost immediately Ellie catches Adam’s attention. Adam back in high school had this reputation of being a ladies man – never sleeping with a girl more than once but when he meets Ellie he knows that she is one that could make him change his ways, forever.In those early years, I honestly felt that they wouldn’t be able to handle a serious relationship being that young but as the story continues on they become so deep in each other up to the point where one couldn’t function without the other.This is why their first separation was extremely difficult. I did feel frustrated with Adam during those times with how he went back into his philandering ways but if you think about besides his music this was the way that he could cope with losing the love of his life.Over the years Adam and Ellie have several accidental yet disastrous confrontations which were certainly disheartening yet no matter where they were in their lives when they were in each others presence you could sense that their feelings never withered. The timing was just always OFF. What was great about it is that after all those challenges they proved that they had a love so strong and so genuine that it could survive anything.Bottom line is I enjoyed this Adam and Ellie’s love story. I do however have to admit that I did have a difficulty with the way the story moved back and forth between the timelines but after getting used to this way of writing it became less confusing. Otherwise, everything else about it was perfect!I would definitely recommend this book for those not only looking for a story that compromises of a fantastic second chance romance but also possesses a story of hope, of beating the odds with a “feel good”

  • DCT
    2019-04-23 01:39

    4.5 stars! Adam and Ellie's journey was truly a Sphere of Irony!Wow, what an emotional roller coaster ride this story is. I have read all of the books in the Famous series, which is where we meet Adam; and I would have never imaged his back story would be so intense! Heather did an amazing job illustrating Adams turbulent childhood and family life. His friendship with Dax along with his gift of music were his life's purpose, until he met sweet, vulnerable and beautiful Ellie. With issues of her own, Adam was her shining star, her gallant knight, her one true love. Heather is a master story teller, as each book gets better and better; I was so drawn into this story, that I almost finished it in a single sitting. I had to find out how (not if) Adam and El would find their way back to each other. My poor heart could barely stand the failed attempts of reconciliation, reconnection, reunion and redemption. The beauty of this story, is that Adam truly came to life; the one dimensional character from the Famous series, became multifaceted, with a powerful presence on each page. I was desperate for his redemption and happiness. God Bless Gemma, as I wasn't sure how much more I could take, lol! I am looking so forward to Dax's story; something tells me the Kate will play a major role. What a wonderful offshoot from the Famous series this has been; this is a standalone, but if you pick up and enjoy this read, why wouldn't you want to enjoy more of this author's work? Thanks Heather for an amazing journey!

  • Charlotte Lynn
    2019-04-20 07:21

    Incite is my first Heather Leigh book and I cannot believe I have not checked her out before this. This book is great. It has strong female characters, sexy alpha males, and a great romance. What more can you ask for?Adam is a character that I loved most of the time, but there were times I disliked him. He wore his heart on the sleeve when with Ellie. He showed her the respect and the love that she deserves. But… he seemed to give up so quickly on her. He was quick to decide that he didn’t deserve her and lose himself in alcohol. Those were the times that I did not like him very much. He was definitely an alpha male, but knew what he wanted to be in life and did what he had to do to get there. I loved that he was wanting to take Ellie with on his ride to success. Ellie, she was interesting. The fact that she grew up privileged only to have that taken away swiftly and still managed to accomplish her goals in life made her a hero to me. It would have been easy for her to give up, and who could blame her with all that was thrown at her, and still succeeded to become someone she could be proud of was inspirational. The love that she had for Adam was probably one of the strongest that exists. It was proven over and over just how strong a love has to be to strong and true. Heather Leigh is an author that I will certainly check out again and again. I will not hesitate to read her books knowing that I will be entertained from the first page until the very last. I definitely recommend this book.

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-05-01 06:47

    4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, suspense, and heartbreak. This is Ellie and Adam’s story. Ellie used to have money but after her father lost his job they moved. Now she is in a different neighborhood and does not know who she can or should trust. Adam knows that Ellie not the usual person from his neighborhood so he will keep an eye on her. When he saves her it brings them closer. But can they truly stand the tests that are thrown at them? This book goes over years and you see the ups and downs and all the twists & turns that these two take.I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I recommend this book.

  • Renee at Book Happiness
    2019-04-24 04:25

    I received this for an honest review.. I have to say that once I picked this up I really enjoyed it. This is a wonderful book filled with a hot rock star, a teen love, and second chance. all of my favorite things all wrapped up into one.. I fell in love with this story about a couple who fall in love in high school (along with a lot of drama) and through hits and misses still manage to stay in love with each other through out the years. As always with Heather Leigh Once she hooks you into the story you dont want to leave.. This book and writing did it all for me. It tore out my heart and put it back together had me hollering at my kindle.. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Kim Ginsberg
    2019-05-12 01:29

    This book starts off a little slow, but one it gets going it really goes. Follow Ellie, a real life riches to rags story, and Adam, an abused high school student with rock star dreams. What happens when Adam saves Ellie from being brutally raped? What happens when they form an unbreakable bond? Will they survive Adam's new rock career, or will they break? What happens when everything goes crazy? Find out in this must read book

  • Michelle Cage
    2019-05-08 06:23

    I couldn't put this book down and when I had to I was mad, because I was so engrossed into Adam's and Ellie's story. There were times I did not like Adam because of the things he was doing but I understood why so he was easily forgiven. it was just poor circumstances that kept happening to Adam and Ellie, but how great was the end. Looking forward to reading about Dax next.

  • Heather Leigh
    2019-04-24 01:37

  • Anas AtticBook Blog
    2019-05-03 01:47

    Incite (Sphere of Irony #1) by Heather C. LeighNA/Contemporary romance standaloneI have been wanting to read a book by Heather C. Leigh for over a year, and just kept getting sidetracked. But when I saw she had one on audio, I jumped at the chance to read Incite! I will usually never start an author with a spin off of a series I never read, but in this case it's the only audiobook, so I assumed it must stand alone well, and I was correct. I would have never known it was related to any other stories. First of all, I need to preface this review by GUSHING about the narrators. They did the English accents brilliantly--hers being from an upscale area of England and his from the East End. I usually don't really like accents in my narrators, but in this They were phenomenal. The male narrator even did American accents well!Ellie Palmer grew up fairly well off. But when her father lost his job and her mother got ill, her family was forced to move to to one of the poorest areas in London. Though Ellie met Adam the first day of school, he basically blew her off. But he was secretly keeping an eye on her. He knew she was too beautiful to not get herself in trouble in these parts. Thank goodness for his diligence, because he and his best friend Dax were able to stop Ellie from getting raped on the way home from school one day. After that, Ellie and Adam became great friends, and they were practically inseparable. The connection was real and vivid.  Adam was no virgin. He was well known in his high school for his skills in the bedroom, but he had a no repeats rule. But with Ellie, Adam was a total gentleman...for a long time.“Having Ellie near me is like the sweetest pleasure wrapped around the worst torture I can think of. Every thought I have consists of me touching her, kissing her, and God help me, having her naked beneath me.”Adam and Dax have always been in a band together, but the band began to get some gigs and find success. They were offered a deal to head to the US to tour right after high school but after a little trouble cropped up, they had to get out of London sooner than expected. Ellie had plans to go to college in California. So not only would she be with her boyfriend, her best friend from her old town was there as well. Despite having to be apart for a torturous few weeks while Adam waited in the states for Ellie, Adam was counting the moments until they reunited. Living every moment waiting for her rare calls. But then tragedy struck. And plans changed."Ellie lied to me because she knew I would come home to be with her. She selflessly gave me up so I could have everything, when the truth is, now I have nothing".This couple was nothing without each other. Neither was able to move on. Adam drowned himself in booze and women, but nobody was a substitute for his Ellie.The story was told over a span of about a dozen years. There were a number of time-hopping spots that confused me sometimes, but I caught on. A few times I had to remind myself that some of this is the past where cell phones weren't attached to everyone's bodies, especially not poor people.The narration really brought the story and characters to life for me. It was one of my favorite audiobook narrations to date, and I honestly think I liked the story even more because of it.Likes: •Loved the narrators.•You can feel the connection between the couple.•There was no instalove. They really worked up to the relationship, which I loved because they started so young.•His respect for her despite his manwhoring past.•Vivid descriptions of the settings.•Even though it's a spin-off, I never felt I missed something. Dislikes: •The time jumping and flashbacks sometimes got confusing. I think at one point there was even a flashback in a flashback.•The couple was apart a little too much. So many missed opportunities! The Down & Dirty:Incite was an epic story spanning about a dozen years. It was filled with angst, so it's perfect for all of you angst lovers. There was never a doubt the the two were each their best when they were together. Ellie was a strong character. Adam, despite acting alpha, was't the strong one, she was, but I don't necessarily agree with her decisions. There were some frustrating timeline issues jumping from past to present, but nothing too bad. For me though, the thing that made this audiobook so good was the narrators. I often find the narrators ruin a book for me, but in this case, I think they made me love it.Rating: 4.25-4.5 stars, 3.5 heat, 5 narration Purchase Incite by Heather C. Leigh Kindle | Audible | | iBooksIncite is the first in the Sphere of Irony spin off series of the Relatively Famous series.Connect with me!

  • JG ~Jezabell Girl & Friends
    2019-04-26 03:44

    I really wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book. At the start it seemed to lack focus and direction but then "bam" Adam exploded into something special and I was hooked. I guess the school age start to the story had me questioning the story's validity. For the age group, the storyline seemed too mature but as the characters grew up so did the story and it wasn't long before I knew that I was going to read the book non-stop until its conclusion.But talk about a story with emotional upheaval. This story almost wrung me out with the amount of highs and lows that Adam and Ellie faced. Every time they were heading for a HEA, their world dropped out again and we were back to square one! Queue angst overload. I'm unsure whether Dax is for me so I'm not going to dive straight into book 2 but you never know, my curiosity may yet get the better of me. Review Requests: [email protected]: http://jezabellgirlandfriends.comFB:

  • Brandy Roberts
    2019-05-15 02:32

    man this book was just a roller coaster of emotions i was like yelling noooooooo alot in this book was alot of crying more yelling then grinning then some more crying and yelling and then happy dance at the end :) i was really on the edge of my seat by end i had no idea how it would end the chemistry between Adam andEllie was just beautiful i felt extremely sorry for them they both deserved happiness i thought this story line was very unique the flow of the story was perfect not much sexy times but i dont think it was needed the sex that was happing was hot but also beautiful just from what they were thinking when they were together they wanted love not just a fuck i really happy i read this cant wait for the rest of the bands books :)

  • Samantha's ~*Confessions*~
    2019-04-26 05:45

    4.5 Spears of Irony :-)So much Angst and really emotional!! I found myself rooting for Adam and Ellie through out the chapters!! When I first realized this was about a rock group, I thought, oh no, not another one. But this book was excellent! It starts at the beginning, where the band started and how their lead singer started....really humble beginnings. This is a story about second, third and fourth chances. What a great roller coaster!!

  • Liz
    2019-04-19 04:24

    I loved this gritty and at times depressing story. The characters are introduced when they are still at school in a deprived area of London. Ellie and Adam's story then spreads over many years, often frustrating always compelling as their lives unfold.I'm looking forward to reading more of this series, not sure how the author could top this one though.

  • TheBookGoddess
    2019-05-12 07:23

    Another great book by Heather C. Leigh! I fell in love with Adam from the very start and just couldn't get enough of him and his love for Ellie! Of course their love story had to have some twists and turns but their struggles are part of what made the story so great! I promise you this story won't disappoint you! Can't wait for the next book in the series to come out!

  • Danea
    2019-05-09 03:36

    Heather Leigh leaves you on the edge of your seat. You pull for the good guys only to be disappointed then brought up to a high again. I found myself yelling at both Adam and Ellie to stop being stupid and get their crap together. It was obvious they love each other and were meant to be together. This book shows the true test of loves strength and how NEVER to give up on it.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-30 01:33

    I actually enjoyed this book. It was a free kindle book. Characters were good, story arc was nice. Typical romance formula, but I enjoyed it. Easy read.

  • Lejean Maurer
    2019-05-17 06:40

    AwesomeThus made me star struck as I was reading it. There is sadness, love,crimes,success,all rolled into this book. It I'd so well written the adventures flow.