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Dana Elson never should have drunk that soda. Now she's sharing her body with the clone of a dead man-- and she and the clone's gun-happy boyfriend are on the run from the sinister Mahler Corporation. Can Dana to get her own body back before Mahler catches up to them? The Planets All Shone is a buddy comedy for fans of the great American road trip....

Title : the planets all shone
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the planets all shone Reviews

  • Jennifer Hines
    2019-04-23 03:58

    *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Okay that was one weird read. Talk about alien technology/sci-fi to the extreme. I don't even know how to put it into words without giving away the entire book, but here goes...Dana ends up basically sharing a body with Jay, a body that can transform into whomever has control over it (hers or Jay's), and all because she drank something nasty without looking at it. Giving the predicament she finds herself in Dana is actually pretty in control. Jay, is pretty sweet, and if she had to choose who she got stuck with she'd probably have chosen him over Adam. Adam is Jay's boyfriend and ex-colleague. All he wants is to save Jay and poor Dana is just in his way. Oh yes, and they have someone else chasing after them because everyone seems to want Jay.Their conversations are interesting and sometimes quite entertaining. Nothing like talking to the person you're looking at while you can hear someone else inside your head."Don't look, thought Dana. don't look don't look don't lookShe could feel the edge of Jay's amusement. Don't crash the car trying not to look at my hot boyfriend. Even though he's NAAAAAKED."The Planets All Shone is a quirky and wildly crazy read. I think that it could have been developed a little more, but for what it is it held my attention. Although once I finished I thought to myself, what the hell did I just read. It's not bad, just full of the weird and crazy.

  • Barb Taub
    2019-05-12 03:03

    This is pretty much the most adorable little too-fast dark comedy horror story ever. It’s like author Nora Fleisher went dumpster diving in a bin full of genre scraps and came up with a fistful that read “horror”, “SciFi”, and maybe “that episode on Angel where everyone was turned into a muppet”…What can you say about a story which starts with a tired traveler who gets into her rental car, thinking about the model dogs she makes, and the most important sales presentation of her life. Dana Elson swallows a slug of her soda only… it’s not actually her soda. “It had the consistency of jello, tested like rotting oysters, and slid down her throat like a greased slug.”Back at her hotel, a violently ill Dana is hunched over the toilet when a scary stranger breaks into her room, precipitating an unexpected change. Seems what she accidentally swallowed was the rebooted coded DNA for a dead hit-man. Suddenly Dana isn’t exactly Dana anymore, but someone taller, stronger, and more muscular. The new person inside her—Jay—is in control of Dana. And then things get really weird.[quote] “Oh, God,” Adam said. “It actually worked.” He grabbed them by the shoulders and kissed them, a hard desperate kiss that Dana could feel but was totally unable to avoid. Jay, on the other hand, seemed to have no interest in stopping anything. He pulled Adam to him.” [end quote]The next thing Dana knows, she’s on the run, in an epic road trip with two certifiably psychotic hit-men (one inside her) and her dead music-idol father’s jacket. There are hilarious and touching and disturbing adventures—“And then there is the Clown World Casino, thought Dana, which is where bad clowns go when they die.”There are aliens and an invisibility cloak and too many other genre dips to list. But like all good buddy stories (and even lots of the weird ones too), Dana finds herself getting close to Adam and even closer to Jay, the nutcase sharing her body. They defeat…sort of… the bad guys, and save the world. Kinda. There’s even a nicely muppety theme—“No one should be judged by objective measures.” (At least when they are a woman who occasionally turns into a man for a one-third mental threesome…)There are so many things I liked in this little novella. It was nonstop and heartwarming and very, very weird. But there were a few things that did get in the way of my enjoyment. For one thing, there were way too many he said/she said tags. For another, it was TOO short. I thought that if we had a chance to get to know Dana more, to learn more about her background and issues, and especially to see her grow, it would have made the story more approachable. And while I thought the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to plot twists was amusing, it was also overwhelming in such a short story space. (Okay, and while I’m on a roll, I’ll mention the cover, which is great but doesn’t give a hint of what kind of book was inside.)But, if you are looking for a short, funny, very very different read, I still would recommend The Planets all Shone. It’s dark humor with some beautiful, heartwarmingly disturbing moments.***I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***

  • Whispering Stories
    2019-04-23 09:45

    Have you ever read a book, gotten to the last page and wondered what it was all about? Well, for me this was one of those books!The Planets all Shone is an extremely strange book, in a sci-fi way strange.Imagine getting into a rental car and not realising that the soda in the car isn’t yours and then swallowing a mouthful of it. Then imagine that the liquid, which was revolting, made you physically sick, and then whilst you are sick, you are approached by a man demanding the drink back, and muttering something about you having drank a rebooted code for his boyfriend Jay. Still with me?What happens next will shock you! You wake up and find that you are now sharing your body with another person, not just any other person, but someone of the opposite sex who can talk and have conversations through you.Well Dana Elson is just that person. Now if it were me I would be freaking out, getting angry, upset, and my emotions would be running on high alert. Not Dana though. She seemed to take the news that she was sharing a body with someone else quite well. Yes, Jay did annoy her, but I just couldn’t fathom out how someone would be so calm in that situation, especially when this person’s boyfriend, Adam, won’t leave her alone.The book mainly focuses on the three people. Adam I just couldn’t warm to, he was a bit to arrogant. Jay was funny and I often forgot that he was sharing a body with Dana. Dana was hit and miss. One minute I was warming to her, the next she was getting on my nerves.I just couldn’t get my head around the weird plot though. It may have been down to the book only being 44 pages long, and that the author has tried to cram a lot into the story. The book did peak my interest at times, especially the comical moments in it. The story is also exceptionally fast, and you will get through it in no time.If you like unusual sci-fi stories than you will love this quick read. Unfortunately it wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it did give me a giggle.Reviewed by Stacey at

  • Emily Ross
    2019-04-26 01:52

    I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for a honest review.I really liked the title and front cover of this book. It looked great. I should not have judged it by the front cover. I found this novel really confusing. A lot of it I'm just sitting here thinking "why would you do that?" or "where did this author get this idea from?" Truthfully, it feels like a mishmash of multiple genres which don't gell together very well.Also, the narrator is totally the wrong person for this novel. I feel like a younger woman would have suited this novel a lot better than Don Foote, who reads quite slowly and sounds completely out of place with the novel. Especially as its written from a woman's perspective.

  • Norma
    2019-04-25 10:04

    (Audio book edition)"Be careful what you drink"I received a complementary copy of The Planets All Shone, from the publisher, author or narrator, via Audiobook Boom, in exchange for an unbiased review. I had no idea what to expect..A woman on her way to give a sales presentation drinks a bottle of soda before realising it wasn't hers - and finds herself with two unexpected companions: one holding a gun and the other inside her and wanting to get out. Circumstances direct that they have to run and so meet up with others from the woman's family.This is a short, easy listen book, with lots of surprises and disfunctional characters. If you are looking for reality, forget it. If you want something to zip through your mind, turning it upside down and inside out for a while, look no furtherGreat fun, all wonderfully narrated by Don Foote, who's slow presentation gives extra speed to the story. His voice, too, just captures the strangeness of it all and the underlying irritation felt by just about everybody. It is short, it is fun, it is really quite crazy. A recommended read to really take you out of yourself.

  • Kim
    2019-04-27 08:56

    The Planets All Shone is a wacky, bizarre read. If you are in the mood for some very over-the-top silly, action SCFI, look no further.I listened to the Audible version of the novella. Personally, I think having a younger female narrator would have been a better choice. The narrator, Don Foote, has an old grandpa sort of voice and speaks very slowly. And some of the voices he used for the main characters were odd. The narrator would be great for books with a more senior citizen kind of audience, like maybe a cozy old mystery, but I just didn't think he was the best choice for this sort of story.Disclaimer: I received a free Audible copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lelouch
    2019-04-30 09:42

    This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com.Really weird book. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was described as a body-switching science fiction novel where they're on the run, but it's more about the characters' interactions than about the plot. I guess it reminds me of some low budget 80s film where the plot is a stretch but the characters don't take it very seriously. Personally, I didn't find it particularly funny, but your mileage may vary. I thought the sexual references were very misplaced, especially with suggestions of necrophilia. I would have preferred a female narrator since it's takes place using Dana's perspective, but Don wasn't terrible.

  • Melissa Areland
    2019-05-15 04:56

    Over the top unbelievable plot and characters. That's a good thing. For those who are uncomfortable with foul language, this short has a bit. Just so ya know. It was an amusing and very quick read. Good for what it was, lots of fun and fast paced action - which includes plenty of violence.

  • J.B. Garner
    2019-04-24 07:50

    From The Musings of a Starving Author:It would seem, my literary foodies, that the main answer to genre fatigue I see in the modern menus of the world is genre fusion. Mixing the ingredients of multiple genres can be fun and flavorful, but it can also be boring and nasty. In today’s recipe, we’ll see how well our chef tosses together romance, science-fiction, and contemporary thrillers. Which will The Planets All Shone be, tasty or tasteless?Before we cut to the heart of the matter, let’s recite the Starving Review creed:1. I attempt to rate every book from the perspective of a fan of the genre2. I attempt to make every review as spoiler-free as possibleWe’ve sampled Chef Fleischer’s fare before and found it to be quite a tasty treat, so one should expect much of the same. Mixing a liberal dose of ‘ancient aliens’, modern conspiracies (a natural fit for the ancient aliens tropes), and a bit of romance, there’s an even mix of action, intrigue, and general weirdness to go around. Especially enjoyable are the sections where Fleischer focuses on the characters and their interactions.You see, to buck the trend of your typical romance, the principle protagonist is NOT part of the romance subplot except as an awkward third wheel and occasional referee. The main characters all together have an interesting chemistry and I was invested in all of them. Unfortunately, there’re some hollow spots in this souffle that threaten to make the whole thing collapse.The antagonists are paper-thin and the plot originally sets what seems like an enjoyable course until it abruptly jukes to one side and throws on the afterburners. What becomes set up as the major conflict is swiftly resolved at what feels like the height of the second course and suddenly the entire meal is wrapped up, with no third course and certainly no dessert!All of these flaws come not from the writing quality, which matches what I expect from Fleischer’s previous work, but from the length of the piece. Planets is scarily short for the story it introduces and entire sections one would expect to be flavorfully fleshed out are rushed or skipped entirely. I have no clue why this is, whether Planets was confined to a very specific length or word count for some unknown reason, but it puts a sour note at the end of what could have been a wonderful meal.To sum it all up, The Planets All Shone is a tasty sci-fi romance thriller cut too short by far! While there are some rather tasty bits to be had, it is a meal cut way too short to be truly enjoyable. Expect to have an empty feeling in your tummy after this one. If you think you can deal with that and want to enjoy the good bits to be had, it might be worth your time as its general quality outside of that is quite excellent. If you’re a stickler for being satisfied at the end of a book, you might want to skip this one.FINAL VERDICT: *** (A tasty sci-fi romance thriller cut too short by far!)

  • Saritza
    2019-05-20 07:06

    Just couldn't get into this short novella. Found the premise interesting but didn't really find myself that involved in the story. Half way through, I stopped reading.

  • Donna Backshall
    2019-04-30 02:36

    It wasn't until Goodreads asked me to choose bookshelves for this novella that I realized how out-of-the-box it was! Was it a thriller? Was it sci-fi? Is there even a name for it? It was so many things, yet none of them. I love writers who actively, or instinctively, challenge the boundaries of genre.As a true sci-fi junkie, I was all about digging into this story, but I was quickly tripped up by the narration. What an odd choice of reader. I felt like I was sitting around a campfire in the Old West, tin cup of coffee in hand, listening to a leathery old forty-niner slowly and over-dramatically telling his posse a ghost story, not listening to a thrilling contemporary sci-fi novel. The bizarre contrast of country old and flashy new didn't work for me, seeming unnecessarily out of place. However I do see that others reviewing here enjoyed his narration, specifically for this story, so I'm happy to sit in the minority.As for the story itself, it was unique and fairly well-constructed. If possible, I'd like to read it with a fresh perspective, and without the narration distracting me from true appreciation.Please note: I received a free download of the Audible book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Leslie Fisher
    2019-04-19 07:48

    This was an entertaining book, filled with witty dialogue and a unique plot. The characters were well-written, but not very likeable. Then again, the world is filled with unlikeable people. The plot was very strange/quirky (in a good way) - it was unique. This book was definitely different, so its worth the read for that reason alone. Plus, its a short story, so if its not your cup of tea, you don't invest much time. But I thought it was quite enjoyable. I listened to the Audible audio version of this book narrated by Don Foote. I really enjoyed his narration. I don't know if I've listened to anything he has done before, but I would definitely check more of his stuff out. His voices (especially of the opposite sex) are good, he gives each character a unique voice without being cheesy, and his voice brings excitement to the text. Overall, this is an enjoyable book both for the story and the narration.

  • Adrian
    2019-05-11 07:40

    My rating: 3.5 starsAudiobook narrator Don Foote rating: 4 starsThis was a pretty weird but fun and short book. I have read one of Nora’s other books and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this one as much. Though, I do like the road trip aspect of it. It is fun to think of what would happen if there were another ‘soul’ inside your body that you could interact with. I also like the idea of a really famous rock star having 70+ illegitimate children all laying a partial claim to the property and all interacting with one another. There were some fun references in this book but I guess I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted to.The narrator does a good job of switching his voice between the three main characters. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Trish
    2019-05-16 07:36

    "Quirky, comedic sci-fi novella"Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?You need to be in the right mood to capture the dark humor and good writing of The PlaNets all Shone.It's a story about Dana, a traveling sales person whose body is occupied by a craxy guy after she drinks an errant soft drink left in a rental car. Crazies ensue, but Dana keeps her humor throughoutWhat was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting?After getting past the bizarre premise, I enjoyed the "interaction" between dana and her occupied self.Did Don Foote do a good job differentiating all the characters? How?I thought narrator Don Foote did an admirable job differentiating the cvahracters.If this book were a movie would you go see it?No,Any additional comments?I received this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

  • Books In Brogan
    2019-05-14 04:02

    This is an interesting short novella with no clear genre maybe SciFi ... definitely not for the mainstream crowd but if you are looking for something different give it a try.This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

  • Darusha Wehm
    2019-05-12 10:02

    If you liked the movie Bubba Ho-Tep, you'd probably like this book. At times hilarious, at times heart-warming, always weird. I liked its gonzo storytelling, the twists and turns of the characters' relationships and its quick-quick-slow pacing. I do wish it had been a bit longer, though.