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Between the lines of the official histories of the frontier worlds of the 29th Century lie myriad confidential accounts of the boners, near-catastrophes, and interstellar crises that were bound to occur when human meets non-human. The adventures of CDC (Corps Diplomatique Terra) diplomat Jame Retief loom large in six highly classified missions where brain and brawn save laBetween the lines of the official histories of the frontier worlds of the 29th Century lie myriad confidential accounts of the boners, near-catastrophes, and interstellar crises that were bound to occur when human meets non-human. The adventures of CDC (Corps Diplomatique Terra) diplomat Jame Retief loom large in six highly classified missions where brain and brawn save land and lives despite red-tape bound superiors amid conspiracy and conflct across alien planets - guaranteed astounding, amazing, startling, galactic, weird, and thrillingly wonderful.1 Protocol2 Sealed Orders3 Cultural Exchange4 Aide Memoire5 Policy6 Palace Revolution...

Title : Retief: Envoy to New Worlds
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ISBN : 9780671656355
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Retief: Envoy to New Worlds Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-03-19 09:43

    The cover says this is the first book about Retief - Machiavelli of cosmic diplomacy. Not a bad description, but Retief is less Machiavelli & more the MacGuyver (which was on 20 years after this book was published) of diplomacy. He's a big, strong guy with firm ideas of fair play no matter what protocol might get trampled. Basically, Laumer used these stories as a way to thumb his nose at silly diplomatic practices.The stories follow a formula. They start with a quote out of diplomatic history text praising the head diplomat of the incident. Then we get the real story which is that the head diplomat is an idiot & intentionally ignorant of the real situation. Jame Retief figures out what is really going on & fixes the situation in some dashing manner. Few know this, so Retief often gets a scolding which he pays no attention to. They're fun, quick reads.

  • Ron
    2019-04-09 07:47

    I read this in college when I should have been studying. (Read a lot of other SF and fantasy the same way.) Laumer stood out from the pack of very capable authors because of his humor. The Retief tales were inherently funny, with gentle pokes at contemporary international relations.A fun read.

  • Pedro L. Fragoso
    2019-04-14 09:54

    This was one of the (few) books I read in my formative years (aside from everything I read by Heinlein) that I really want to re-read. I found it quite dated (which would be expected, but is not a given: case in point, works by C.L. Moore from the 30s and 40s which haven't dated and are still amazingly good) and quite quaint. Also, John Scalzi has meanwhile created his own stylish SF CD (as in Diplomatic Corps) stories and Laumer isn't anymore the only show in town. It does happen that Ode Abumwe is infinitely more interesting than Magnan (and also competent, effective and believable) and I admit that Harry Wilson can give Retief a run for his value. This said, with the exception of Rank Injustice, which my edition included and is quite mediocre, the rest of the tales herein are quite entertaining, well plotted and yes, stylish.“We may make a diplomat of you yet.” He smiled expansively. “Maybe. But I refuse to let it depress me.”“I hope he isn’t going to change the spontaneous speech he plans to make when the Potentate impulsively suggests a trade agreement along the lines they’ve been discussing for the last two months.”Yeah, a few jewels here and there...

  • Richard
    2019-04-07 11:55

    As you learned in a recent episode of Rodent's Digest, I try not to bother reviewing or rating books that already have huge numbers of reviews and ratings because my little warblings just get lost in the noise. So I'm not going to rate all of the Retief books. This may be the only one, in fact. But I assure you, I have read them all. Some I've read several times, in several seasons. They are among the select few SciFi books I've carted around with me for decades. They're simply amusing. Like Godiva chocolate, with zero calories. Because of Retief, I love diplomats. Yes, if I were a lady, I'd do Retief. I've written characters who would do Retief, no questions asked. I mean, if you want clever, debonair Terran diplomatic males, look no further than Retief. He's kind of the suave James Bond of galactic diplomatic circles. Too bad his superiors don't have a bloody clue what's going on most of the time...

  • Al
    2019-03-24 12:30

    This is the second time I've read this book. First time I've reviewed it.Jaime Retief is a junior diplomat in the CDT, a bumbling, slapstick-comedy ambassador corps that mis-represents Terra (Earth) to the other races in the galaxy. He works under Ben Magnan, who is just barely competent, a middle-level bureaucrat in the Corps.Laumer writes with a wry, humorous style that makes you wonder if ANY diplomat in real life or fiction is competent at any level. Only Retief can save the day to preserve peace and keep Terra supreme in the Galaxy.The book is a series of 7 relatively short stories and all of them are fun to read. Once started, I couldn't go to bed until I'd read the last page of the story I was reading. I always went to bed in a good mood. Lots of fun to read.

  • Orville St.Clair
    2019-04-04 08:57

    launcher, a former fighter pilot, knows his diplomats! Fun. Stuff!it was a shame. he died way too young! Read Earthblood, you will be reminded of Heinlein at his best!

  • Viktor
    2019-04-14 12:30

    Completely mediocre. Some of the stories are barely stories. Hits it's stride in the last three, but still kinda meh. Worth a chuckle or two. I'll read the next one in the series, because I want to give Retief his due.

  • Amelia
    2019-04-18 13:47

    Macho and silly. Not interesting enough to finish.

  • An Odd1
    2019-04-19 07:30

    "Envoy to New Worlds" by Keith Laumer sends Corps Diplomatique Terran Jame Retief on six missions AD 2940+ where brain and brawn save land and lives despite red tape bound superiors amid conspiracy and conflct across alien planets. Always funny, re-read 4+ times. The digital era looks askance at reel and spool historical recordings, numerically specified for versimilitude p6. The heavy French lingual influence is forced in Canada; Chinese in dvd TV "Firefly" probable; USA likely southern Spanish influence. Say aloud for full tricksy silliness, goofy puns and plays - Yills Ambassador F'Kau-Kau-Kau, interpreter P'Toi. "Ka Swe in Burma" is real = khao swe burmese coconut chicken noodle dish, much tastier than "sheep's eyes in the Sudan" p13. Retief's Peace sample 1 Protocol - Only Retief studied language tape before-hand, observes 'egg nog' symbol on their transport and kitchen garbage bin, hears servants discuss offensive seating and dog food, (view spoiler)[(Spoilers: so refuses denigrating treatment, dances dramatically to success, despite superiors' gaffes.) (hide spoiler)]2 Sealed Orders - Leaving the briefcase closed, Retief "of the Mountain of Red Tape" punches down a quick-tempered human settler bent on battle for oases, wrestles a tentacled Flap-jack winning with finger into sensitive orifice. "Tennessee rules" p35 allow opponents to bite, gouge, stomp, kneel, choke, punc, shove, kick, so addendum forbids tentacle twisting in decisive one-on-one with alien leader "Hoshick of the Mosaic of the Two Dawns" who mistakes aggression for skirmish game. (view spoiler)[(Spoilers:Flapjack finest sublime "Chateau d'Yquem"-like wine from desert algae suggests solution for mutually beneficial division of planet land by winner Retief.)(hide spoiler)]3 Cultural Exchange - Retief fills in for Magnan at MUDDLE Manpower Utilization Directorate, Division of Libraries and Education. Hank Arapoulous's planet Lovenbroy, in debt to Croanie, needs grape pickers for the Harvest Festival. and offers a taste of heavenly Bacchus wine. R: "Drinking on duty is frowned on" H: "This isn't drinking, it's just wine."R: "We also have to be careful about violating quaint native customs."(view spoiler)[(Spoilers: Whaffle, of MEDDLE Motorized Equipment Depot, Division of Loans and Exchanges is sending tractors (military armored vehicles plus demolition blade) to a fishing world and two thousand of male Bogan "students" where no schools exist, until Retief juggles requisitions and forms, confiscates "baggage" of armaments infuriating Bogan rep, and delivers would-be soldiers to Festival, as well as himself. Celebration ensues.) (hide spoiler)]4 Aide Memoire is an official protest note popular with Magnan, but Retief foils an eye-stalk Groaci plot (view spoiler)[(Spoilers: to surgically remove heavy carapaces and rejuvenate rebel Fustian gang, reminding senior "the less that's put in writing, the less they can blame you for" p80. Heavy elderly Whonk helps, culturally required to revenge himself on vicious mugger by exploding space-shuttle.) (hide spoiler)]5 Policy - of Terrans allows Groaci coverup (view spoiler)[(Spoilers: Retief exposes that Groac killed landing shuttle crew of six, and finds 300 surviving Terrans in cruiser lost ten years still in orbit, despite "unswerving devotion to Corps policy" p108 by bossy secretary traitor Miss Meuhl. Most sad, deaths, violent, and danger - hero threatened. Captain explodes hidden meteorite arms depot and Groac gives crew gold "in sympathy" p109.) (hide spoiler)]6 Palace Revolution - against snobbish Nanni caste starts in the kitchen with knives.(view spoiler)[(Spoilers:Retief convinces rebel leader Zorn to delay, despite superiors welshing on their deal, because "old-fashioned disposal units" installed everywhere have common components to assemble blasters p134.) (hide spoiler)]Typos tricky to be sure of, because of purposeful alien translation bumbles::p7 "junior member of the Terrestiral Embassy" maybe "Terrestrial" p18 "my colleabues" for "colleagues" correctly by "Admirable" F'Kau

  • Nawfal
    2019-04-15 07:29

    I had a lot of fun reading this book. It's a pseudo-short story collection. Or, really, highlight stories from the career of the main character. Six such stories total. This is a super fun read. Real fun, not forced fun, or obnoxious fun. Laumer's sense of humor is direct and sarcastic. He's fairly good with wordplay.The stories read like James Bond snippets. There is also a lot of kosmic creativity in all of the stories, though the stories move quickly and do not pause for anything. Laumer writes interesting scenarios that our hero always overcomes. Recommended for folks tired of politicians, who love sci fi, and who demand books be entertaining.

  • Traummachine
    2019-04-08 11:28

    I recently read this along with Retief's War. It had been a long time since I'd read any Retief, although I've read several of Laumer's serious works in the interim.In the short stories, there's a larger percentage spent on the setup, so I enjoyed this more than the novel. They also contained a lot more of the dry wit I was looking for. Still, the descriptions of Retief's quick jabs, upper cuts, and barrel rolls get kinda old.It's rare to find Laumer in a used bookstore, but that's probably the only way I'll read more Retief stories. I'll stick with Laumer's more serious works, or Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat stories when I want something in this vein.

  • Edward Lengel
    2019-04-08 07:28

    A nice start to the Retief series. Not as slapstick as the later entries, and the plots to these short stories are sometimes a little dense, but it's good for more than a few good laughs and definitely an enjoyable quick read.

  • Mike S
    2019-04-02 09:54

    Laumer is imaginative, and if you've ever had to deal with bureaucracy or been mired in politics you will find this lol funny. I look forward to many more Laumer books, I bought a stack of them on eBay :)

  • Peter
    2019-03-29 14:31

    It's Reteif.... diplomat extroidinaire

  • Zekses
    2019-03-31 11:38

    Oldstyle science fiction with a touch of irony - always a welcome mix on my shelf. While not a masterpiece, the book is a very light and satisfying read that leaves you wanting for more.

  • Saul
    2019-04-05 12:32

    Hilarious! Though I would say the level of humor is not always the same in each story. Laumer did experiment. Still, Laumer is one of the few unsung greats of humor SF.

  • Babete
    2019-04-17 10:41

    Dos tempos em que devorava livros de ficção científica este é um dos melhores. Pleno de humor, li e reli vezes sem conta, delicioso!

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-04-11 11:45

    Laumer's writing is off very spare and somewhat unpolished in this book, but moments of humor shine through.

  • John
    2019-04-02 08:50

    1980 grade B+2010 grade B+Retief!series book R1 (1968)